Puthri Volunteering Program

Volunteering integrates your work life with the rest of the world. It not only gives you more responsibility & recognition at work, but also gives you a sense of personal satisfaction & fulfillment in contributing to the society & growing along with your organization.As a volunteer you will have a purpose to connect with people, their passions and interests and will experience the significant contribution you make to the underprivileged and see a direct correlation to significant benefits. If you are more satisfied with yourself as a person, you simply do better in life.

As a Puthri volunteer you will not only stand to gain unique opportunities and remarkable experiences by donning one or many of these hats, but also transform the life of every PUTHRI in your own way!

Depending upon your interests and skill sets you can choose to be a part of one or more of the following seven teams:

MENTOR: Be a personal advocate for your mentee and inspire her spirit

As a mentor you will encourage, motivate, challenge and guide every PUTHRI scholar to think through different solutions for various problems in life. Based on her unique developmental needs, you will seek and create new opportunities. Also, you will link and support her long term goals, values and emotions to a larger organizational agenda, as she becomes career oriented and career intentional to better her future and quality of life. Similar to being a trustworthy counsellor, as a Mentor, you will be able to make a real impact on the PUTHRI scholars through consistent and ongoing relationship building.

ROLE MODEL: Lead by example with your real time success story

As Role models you will lead by example and inspire PUTHRI scholars to achieve their potential in life. You can share your real time success stories with these girls as to how you achieved success despite the various challenges & hurdles in your life and give them the confidence to overcome every hurdle with perseverance and eventually succeed in life. Ensure students emulate the positive qualities, bringing about an overall change for the good.

CAREER COACH : Nurture high-achieving professionals

As a career coach your expert guidance can empower PUTHRI scholars to identify their strengths & passions, the means & ways to realise them and help them see their present challenges as advantages and help overcome them. When you help assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion, you not only redefine their intelligent quotient, but also the emotional quotient, by reassuring & boosting their self confidence, making their job search less stressful, less anxious and less vulnerable in this competitive market.Not just that, your support will help these girls make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use to enhance their qualifications, like writing letters, resumes etc to meet their ultimate goals.

LAMP: Program content development

As a Content Development Volunteer you will develop and coordinate PUTHRI communication materials designed to broaden the knowledge and grow the capabilities of our services program.

LINK: Acquire and manage the entire school network

You will be the critical link between the teachers, students, parents and the project associates, including the coordinators, mentors, role models, career coaches and other educational institutions. Bridging the gaps and strengthening the school-community relations, you will work towards the effective implementation & success of school programs.

PLUS: Social media and PR management

You will share and promote PUTHRI events and initiatives online & periodically through various online social media platforms, creating awareness across networks to increase visibility for the cause, eliciting feedback from likeminded people, encouraging opinion & policy makers, influencers from the society to participate and support key issues related to girl child education and career intentionality among school girls and women empowerment in general.

PAVE: Build and engage the entire Volunteer team including the fund raising activities

You will need to work alongside with other team volunteers to undertake and coordinate PUTHRI events and help with administrative work including supporting and participating in fund raising events.