Camila Kirtzman – Intern for the Research and Analytics Department

I had the privilege of interning at AVTAR Career Creators this past spring – more specifically with the FLEXI Careers India department. I am an American student and I spent this past semester in Jaipur, India studying Sustainable Development and Social Change. For the last month of my time in India, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh gave me the opportunity to intern at FLEXI Careers India in Chennai to conduct independent research. With the help of remarkable and inspiring employees of FLEXI and AVTAR, I designed a study that looked at flexible women workers within dual-career families in India. Although I was a guest at AVTAR, I had never in my entire life felt so welcomed and respected by my peers. I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such kindhearted and generous employees who displayed immense passion and eagerness in their work. There was never a day when someone did not offer their help with my project. The positive energy and dedication that the employees of AVTAR and FLEXI brought to the office every day always made me excited to come to work.

I remember when I first heard about Project PUTHRI and I remember how enthusiastic people were when they were explaining the project to me. I see PUTHRI as the next step in ensuring that women in India obtain equal employment opportunities. I believe that when girls have role models to look up to, especially for employment reasons, it gives them more motivation to pursue a career as well. I am excited about the impact the project will have!