Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) July 2020
Exploring the Virtual World for volunteer mentoring

The Covid-19 led lockdown period has also opened opportunities for stake holders at Project Puthri to experience seamless 'Live' training programs. These programs are creating ripples of benefits to the Puthris, without compromising on the quality of delivery over the physical mode. Thus, the virtual world allows everyone to participate, learn and reflect even when 'social distancing' is a reality.

The Project Puthri's core team was dazed when presented with a new challenge of conducting the mentoring classes online. Many conversations, negotiations and online seminars guided the team to explore the available virtual Training platforms. Upon finalising an online training platform and content, the next challenge was the methodology to connect with the Puthri Scholars. After conducting a short facility assessment, virtual classes began with cooperation from Puthris and the support rendered by volunteers.

The first virtual training programme was conducted for the Government School teachers. 100 school teachers from various Government schools participated in the program on 'Adult Learning through Virtual methodologies'. Suganya Raman, Leadership Development Program, Flex India and Master Trainer Project Puthri facilitated the session. The teachers were trained on various tools available in the Virtual Training Platform. Teachers were super thrilled to learn the techniques to deliver the academic content online to their students.

The next virtual training was conducted for the volunteer Mentors by Vignesh, Buisness Consultant and Career Coach, Project Puthri. Vignesh trained the Mentors on methodology of delivering virtual sessions. He also explained about the various online platforms that are available for effective delivery of the training content. The mentors are now confident to deliver the Puthri sessions through the online mode. The virtual sessions are being successfully conducted for children at different grades in batches. It thus can't' be denied that learning and volunteer mentoring through virtual platforms have created a lasting impact amongst school stake holders, mentor volunteers and the Puthris. These have ultimately facilitated Project Puthri to incline towards its goals of making the Puthris Career Intentional.

Glimpses into the Puthri Online Mentoring Sessions:

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