Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) July 2020
Interview with Mr. Umasanker Kandasamy, Senior Vice President Sales & Relationships at Avtar and Trustee at Avtar Human Capital Trust.

As a Volunteer of Project Puthri, kindly

Mr. Umasanker 1. Share your Exciting / Fun / Heart-touching moment in your volunteering journey

Puthris taking their first step towards their career with entering into tertiary education, thanks to the sponsored cheques from donors will remain one of the most fulfilling moments in my life. The joy that I saw in the eyes of recipients gave me the impetus to do more and bring in more and more Puthris to India Inc.

2. What's the one thing that made you to be a Volunteer?

Extending a helping hand becomes an integral part of human kind and these covid times have only taught us to stand by each of us while we fight the deadly virus. When we educate Puthris, we are making so many girls from the under privileged community intentional about their careers who in turn enable their families to emerge out of their poverty.

3. Who inspires and keeps your volunteering momentum going on?

Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder - President Avtar Group, Trustee - Avtar Human Capital Trust, inspires me with her visionary thinking all the time and to connect with Puthris to make their dreams come to reality.

4. Mention few key takeaways from this volunteering experience

Fulfilment, satisfaction, and sense of achievement!

5. As a Volunteer, how do you plan and prioritize your time? Your motivational mantra for someone who would like to volunteer?

When one is blessed with education, it is upon the individual to spread that knowledge and pave way for the ones who are grappling with finding the right direction towards their lives. We should be the lighthouses casting the paths for thousands and thousands of scholars to emerge.
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